International and Corporate Law, native German, Anwalt Phönix Arizona USA

We have substantial experience in the following areas:

  •   Joint Ventures and Investments
  •   Asset protection including set up of Offshore Companies
  •   Set up of New Businesses and Reorganization
  •   Recovery of assets
  •   Banking Law
  •   German and European Business Law
  •   International Tax Law – Double Taxation
  •   International Inheritance Law
  •   International Parental Child custody and abduction

LAWYER OFFICE Phönix Arizona

To the extent expedient, we use computerized office management and modern communication techniques in order to timely serve our clients in a fast and daily changing environment. Our foremost goal is to cater to the needs of our clients and to be their partner. We provide the tools which enable our clients to concentrate on their core business. Wherever our clients want to go, we will accompany them and help them find solutions that minimize risk.

If we do have to research a special question or our Client needs answers outside our scope, we provide the required specialist who will be part of our team as long as needed. Providing legal services for over 30 years and our international reputation gives us the ability to select the right
co-counsel. Thus, we can provide professional services like big law firms – without the cost.